quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2010

Saving The Environment

- The global heating is not a simple abstraction of thoughts or a human schizophrenia. – Said the teacher in the classroom, as the clocks aproachs 22 hours. – It is real and we can feel its effects against society. – He gestures with his hands, forming random circles, with his back against the black board. – In some regions of the planet some impacts are noticed with a higher intensity, other less. Here, in Rio Grande do Sul, we suffer for the lack of rain, a said exclusive social/climate problem of the northeast. – Spoke while walking from left to right then from right to left, with energy and bravery, like a militant, every single word. Then, continued. – This problem will not be solved like the shift of a day. It’s a slow process and we must take action immediately. With simple actions we can do our part, like reducing energy expenses at home; More rides of bicycle, thus, beyond preserving our body, we take out a few more cars from the streets; Use more public transportation; For those who have a car and lives far from the college/work, make a ride shift system, where someone gives a ride for a group, then another one gives the ride and thus successively; And for the ones who wishes to buy a car, buy the 1.0 ones, they’re more economics and for that reason they pollute less.

            The sound of a siren echoes through the campus, marking the end of the classes that day in the Federal University of F City.
            The students started to set up their stuff to leave as quickly as possible to not lose the bus ride. Some of them will be on foot inside the bus, because it doesn’t have plenty of sits nor space for every one to sit down. Some will make a 30 minutes trip, other 50 minutes. For the ones who will be on foot, they will have to be able to divide 50cm² with two other person, each.
            The teacher, in turn, set his stuffs up all calm and tranquil, turn the classroom lights off, close and locks the door, go to his own room and check some e-mails. After five minutes, he gets out of his room, crosses a small corridor than turns right, reaching a major corridor. He follows it down, greeting some co-workers with some “good-bye” or “good night”, to some stairs, in which leads to the first floor. He take the stairs, gives the classroom keys to the pavilion’s watchman, go to the parking lot, enter his spacious, comfortable and powerfull Corolla 2.0, and than arrives at home after fifteen minutes of trip.

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